Adonis Software

We are a team of magicians trained in the art of apps development. We mostly do iOS and Android apps for clients and we rock our own projects in the same time.

New technologies make our eyes spark, so we like to play with beacons, leap motion, AR, VR, Unity (gaming) and what not. We are among the first to build projects with new technologies and we are proud of that… although working with betas and new technologies sometimes is a big headache.

We created Urban Hero because of our love for environment and got awarded 3rd place at Ericsson Application Awards in Sweden. We are also the creators of the game Watercolors, which was downloaded more than 2 million times world wide and are now working on a sequel.

Most of all we are believers in having fun at work and building cool stuff with great enjoyment. We also believe in the fact that Jon Snow will soon be risen from the dead.

We believe in eating healthy food, so on Mondays we offer fruit day as a nice treat to begin the week. Cheat day is just as important to us, so sometimes we like to order pizza :D. We believe that a healthy mind needs a healthy body so on Wednesdays night we usually play football although.. well.. we all suck at it. We also have a room in the office where we play minifootball (2 against 2). That’s more fun and nobody can tell if you’re skilled or not.

If you like coding just as much as we do, would like to learn building cool apps for the smartphone you always have in your pocket and think you would be a good fit for our team please apply to our Internship Summer Program.

Strada Polonă, București, Romania