Centric IT Solutions

Centric IT Solutions is part of Centric B.V. an international organization with more than 5500 employees all over Europe and provides IT services, financial services, engineering and consultancy services.
Our teams work in creating software solutions for different businesses: retail, supply chain, housing and healthcare, HR & payroll and consultancy.

In 2010, we started an office in Iasi with only 4 developers, and now, after 8 years, we managed to grow our team to almost 300 colleagues and we are not stopping here.

Strada Palat nr. 3C United Business Center 4, etaj 5, Iasi

From the beginning, I would like to say that this article does not contain references to all the departments of the Centric organization(and trust me, there are quite a few). Everything here is written down from my perspective. Given that I like short stories, I want to start this article with the following phrase: “Once upon a time …”. But I’m a technical guy, without good skills in storytelling or narrating so that’s why I’ll take off this hat and I’ll put the technical one back on.

If you are looking for a corporate testimonial or for some fancy company description, you should stop here. What I’m about to share with you is a short “trailer” about how ideas are born and how these ideas can come to life, here at Centric.