We are a fast growing organisation with over 3,500 people across offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands and delivery centres in Central Europe and Latin America in major IT hubs like Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Chisinau, Belgrade, Skopje, Bogota and Sofia. We aim to be an employer of choice in all our delivery locations.

We focus on helping people succeed through a strong company culture. To support our core purpose of enabling our people to be the best that they can be, we invest in people development programmes and have created a strong learning environment.
We’re committed to enabling our people to be successful not just through their technical skills, but also by helping them develop their soft skills, celebrating their stories and passions, and recognising their contribution to the growth and shaping of our organisation.

United Business Center 1, 5th Floor, Strada Palat 3E, Iași 700032

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we’re travellers and hikers, readers and writers
we’re coffee drinkers and tea lovers, movers and shakers
but above all, we’re people who believe they can be more

We offer Internship Programmes to support the growth of young specialists who wish to develop their professional and interpersonal skills, building a successful career in IT.