April 2, 1981 Mentor Graphics is founded. Founders Tom Bruggere, Gerry Langeler and Dave Moffenbeier open an office in Beaverton, Oregon. At the time, analysts categorized Mentor Graphics as a niche within the “computer aided design” market. In reality, the company was pioneering a new industry, the automation of electronic design, today known by its unique moniker “Electronic Design Automation”.
Over 25 years, Mentor Graphics has grown from a startup employing less than 100 in leased facilities in Beaverton, to a multinational company employing over 4,000. We occupy 300,000 square feet of office space on the Wilsonville campus with another 30 engineering sites and 52 sales offices around the world. The industry we pioneered is now $4 billion in size with MGC accounting for over $700M in sales (2006 data).
Our products have grown from relatively simple tools to some of the most sophisticated and complex commercial software applications that exist anywhere. Our software, combined with advances in hardware, has helped create the electronic revolution that has fueled the fires of innovation in countless industries.
Over the years, MGC has served thousands of companies and been deeply involved in the design phase of products as diverse as cell phones, Boeing jets and NASA’s Martian probes. Our customers are the Who’s Who of electronics.
Mentor created a market and changed the entire high technology industry through its introductions of increasingly more sophisticated design tools.
In a fast-paced world, where designers have to execute more difficult designs in less time than ever, Mentor Graphics offers the tools, technologies, services and support to overcome the toughest design challenges, and deliver designs on-time.

Hermes Business Building, Campus 1, Ground Floor Office Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, No. 5-7, District 2