About Pentest-Tools.com

Pentest-Tools.com is a successful Romanian startup which has created the first online penetration testing framework.

We combine the passion for cyber security with software development in order to create online tools which can be used to discover vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.

Our clients use our product to improve the security of their websites and network infrastructure so they don’t get affected by hacking attempts.

Some numbers

  • More than 1 Million users last year
  • Clients from 45 countries around the Globe
  • Countless security vulnerabilities found
Bucharest, Romania

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Junior full-stack developer - Security
Bucharest, Romania
You will be working on a broad range of tasks in order to sustain the development of the Pentest-Tools.com online platform. Here are some sample tasks that you will perform: – write new security testing tools (mainly in Python but not only) – research existing security testing tools and integrate them into the platform (focus…