Termobit Prod SRL

TERMOBIT is a small company having a long standing history of designing, manufacturing and marketing specialty instrumentation focused on complex neuroscience product development. Termobit successfully designed several products for neuroscience and functional neurosurgery, now sold worldwide:

  • Acquisition Processor Module (APM, APC);
  • Experiment Control Module (ECM);
  • Impedance Conditioning Module (ICM);
  • StimPulse Electrical Stimulation System (PGM, ESG);
  • Guideline 4000™ Neuromodulation Targeting System, CERMO, etc.

Our research and technology development exploits the electrophysiological mechanisms underlying brain function in health and disease. Much of our work involves developing analytical tools for understanding signals generated in the nervous system and how electrical stimulation of the nervous system affects brain function. Both efforts ultimately are directed to improving neurological and psychiatric disorders.

One of our major efforts in developing a completely automated system for neurophysiological mapping of targets for implantation of chronic stimulating electrodes. Hopefully, these systems will reduce the technical prerequisites for offering DBS lead implantation surgery thereby allowing more patients to benefit.

Str. Barbu Văcărescu Nr 42A etaj 3, București, Municipiul București, România