Stagii pe Bune

14th edition. February 2019

What is Stagii pe Bune about?

4 months of promoting intership opportunities and their companies

1 event in every university centre

FotoNation presentation at SPB2018

over 600 participants at the event in Bucharest

presentations, Q&As and the most impressive numbers:


Want your company to participate?

SPB Partners

  • Bitdefender
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • IBM
  • Ubisoft
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What's new in 2019

  • adding a dedicated presentation track for graduates looking for internships abroad
  • doubling the capacity of the venue
  • bringing improvements to our online platform

For companies

From Bitdefender which has 900 employees in Romania, to Eau de Web which has 30. Learn about our partnership opportunities

Microsoft stall at Stagii pe Bune 2018

Microsoft stall at Stagii pe Bune 2018

2018: Retrospective


To summarize: Awesome!

What companies are saying

If before we had trouble finding candidates that meet our standards, now we simply don’t have the capacity to keep all the people we wish to collaborate with.

Cosmin Stan

Director of Product Management 
at Xperi Corporation
31% din candidați sunt fete.

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Vlad Posea,
Program manager