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AQUASoft Ideas Booster Internship Program
Unpaid internship at AQUASoft · Starts after academic term
  • – Business Software Development
  • room București

Creativity has a very important place in the industry. Creativity means inventing the new new thing, and also applying an innovative approach in a specific context.

Therefore, if:

  • You are passionate about a project, an application, or an idea that you have developed or want to develop

  • You have a developed entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance, patience, and very good communication skills

Then: starting from your idea / demo, we will help / guide the development of an MVP during an internship in which you will benefit from mentoring for the development of the product, and also of the business (customer development, business models, monetization etc). At the end of the internship we will present your project to the partner investment funds! How cool is that?

Boost Your Idea! Everything is online in this challenging and disruptive year!