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QA Automation Internship in ePayments team
Paid internship at Sparkware Technologies · 01/07/2020
  • room București

What is Automation QA in the ePayments team?

You know what a Manual QA Engineer does? Do you think you know what Automation QA means? Well, Automation QA in ePayments is a team member in the Testing Team that simplifies the work of the manual testers by increasing their efficiency, accuracy and work predictability. In regular words, we are automating Web application using Selenium, creating and maintain the framework, debugging and reporting the results. In ePayments, QA tasks and Automation tests are done by the Testing team (which integrates in the broader Agile team, we have few more actually).


@888sparkware. We’re the “Testing masters” (or at least this is what we like to believe about ourselves), and you can find us via our website. We speak great API, both C# and SQL dialects, we REST a lot and we don’t shy away from JSON. The office is (always) located near good shawarma and ... in Bucharest 😊.

Position keywords and requirements: QA – Automation - C# - SQL – REST – HTML – AngularJS – React – Selenium - JavaScript We can talk more if you understand/agree/comprehend/relate to/concur with: • Agile Scrum is a proven workflow and you agree that Kanban should work for support. • Efficiency is motivating you and you try to reduce overhead by enabling good communication on all your TFS tasks (including status updates!). • Finding and reporting bugs is as natural as breathing. • You fix once and you fix good. • Laziness is a feature, not a bug - repeating tasks are executed by the minions (Selenium anyone?). • Reviewing somebody else’s code/changes/implementations/tasks is fun in the Automation Team. • Documenting means that you can use your memory to higher purposes; updating the documentation is a process, not a task. • Sharing is caring – we accept also food. • Sync in daily meetings like Titanic. • Speak the language of Shakespeare (alive one). • Review before commit is on your daily routine. • You lock your laptop, even if you’re home-alone in the dark. • Big fan of Arsenie Boca – praying in deployment day is a must do.

You didn't understand anything about the things from previous page? If you are a motivated person and curious to meets us; if you will be the “chosen one”, you will learn/ gain/ experience together with our team: • Selenium automation and key automation principles (C#, SQL, REST, Javascript); • Web technologies and ePayment system insights; • Agile with Scrum practical work; • Work in a dynamic project that develops day by day; • Team work experience; We can guarantee a great & fun working environment with cool projects.

Our motto is: Ignite Your Spark …. Let s do it Together!