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OSF Global Services achieves its success by establishing meaningful, unwavering values that we apply to every aspect of our business. We focus on respect, flexibility and commitment to our clients and our…

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Back-end Developer

Stagiu plătit la OSF Global Services

You will learn both Nodejs and MongoDB. Using the power of the Express.js framework, you will work with a REST API to get data while also using routes and mongo to fetch dynamic data to build a full-featured ecommerce website.
We offer a premium subscription on treehouse review your techniques and ensure you use the best practices and standards.


  • Learn Node.js, Mongodb and how to work with APIs
  • Gain experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and how to work with the Express.js framework
  • Learn how to use the MVC Design Pattern to properly separate content from logic
  • Build an ecommerce website from a simple set of wireframes and requirements
  • Work on a practical project, starting from business requirements & specification documents (FSD, TSD), goals and project success criteria
  • Participate in online training relevant to your internship path


  • Computer Science student (or from a technical field), or recent graduate
  • General coding skills
  • Basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Interest in web development
  • Strong desire to learn
  • English skills


  • Full-time remote work
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Full-time technical support
  • Financial compensation based on achievement
  • Multicultural work environment
  • Work with the latest e-commerce technologies.