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We are led by a vision to be the most trusted cybersecurity technology provider in the world, which means we constantly anticipate, innovate, and go the extra mile. Bitdefender delivers robust security…

Șoseaua Orhideelor 15a, București, Romania
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Big Data Software Engineer

Stagiu plătit la Bitdefender
Aptitudini necesare:


You will join a young and dynamic team in the Cloud Services&Infrastructure Unit. We are responsible for collecting and storing terabytes of data from millions of Bitdefender sensors across the world and providing tools and frameworks to help analysts get the most out of their data.

We are looking for smart students who work and think on their feet. You will be free to experiment with your ideas and create features that will be immediately used by tens of analysts. At the end of the internship you’ll be able to understand and work with technologies such as node.JS, AngularJS , ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, Dockers, Kubernetes.


Excellent data structures and algorithms knowledge, tech oriented, good math knowledge. A scripting language is a plus.


Meet and work with the team that makes the best cybersecurity technologies in the world;
Hang out with and bounce ideas off tinkerers, white hat hackers and curious fast learners like you;
Attractive compensation and benefits package;
Other small things to make you as comfortable as possible at work.