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Bd.Timisoara, București, Municipiul București, România
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Toate stagiile în Artificial Intelligence

Complex Effects for Images

Stagiu plătit la Adobe Systems Romania
Aptitudini necesare:

First Mile is an initiative across multiple Adobe Creative Cloud products with the mission to engage beginner users and help them discover their inner creativity. The Bucharest First Mile team is focused on using Machine Learning models to achieve this goal.


Within this project, you will work on semi-automated photo retouching algorithms in order to achieve complex and wow effects on images (e.g., dispersion effects, glitch effects, double exposure). You will be building a model to automatically create these effects and teach the user how to do them inside Photoshop.

You will work with Computer Vision and Machine Learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, SciKit, etc.) in one of the languages that AI can do magic (Python, JavaScript, C++).