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Envisage.AI is an end-to-end solution for visual machine learning workloads, including real-time surveillance, live proof of identity and face recognition, motion detection and object tracking. Our work is centred around DeepVISS (…

Grand Café Van Gogh, Strada Smârdan, Bucharest, Romania
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Toate stagiile în Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision Research Engineer

Stagiu plătit la Envisage AI SRL
Aptitudini necesare:

The assignment of this internship is build working prototypes with Deep Convolutional Networks on object detection, classification, optical flow and feature extraction across several hardware architectures (x64, ARM, Movidius).

Predominant language: Java, C++

Technologies: OpenCV, TensorFlow, SpringBoot
Domain: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Main contact: Bogdan Bocse

English is a must.