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Allevo este o companie care creeaza solutii software destinate prelucrarii de plati si alte tipuri de tranzactii purtatoare de valoare, prin automatizarea fluxurilor de operatiuni in conformitate cu diverse standarde si reglementari…

Calea Vitan nr. 23C, Bucuresti, Sector 3
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Toate stagiile în Business Software Development

Database Developer Internship

Stagiu plătit la Allevo

Internship description:

  • Collaboration with the team’s members for the design and development of web applications O
  • Participates in the development of payments application using Oracle Database (SQL and PL/SQL)
  • Active learning in Allevo’s Software Development team


  • Computer Science or related
  • Knowledge of Oracle Database (SQL and PL/SQL)
  • Additional valuable knowledge: XML/XPath, Postgres, SQL
  • Database modeling
  • Good analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • English level: Advanced


  • Team work experience in the Software Development department of Allevo (in accordance with Carnegie Mellon University USA CMMI model)
  • Being part of a dynamic, professional and highly skilled team
  • Working with various technologies and Allevo products
  • Involvement in a complex open source project, aimed at insuring worldwide financial interoperability
  • Being part of financial and banking projects we develop in Romania, as well as abroad

Future collaboration:

  • Becomes possible if the intern has proven to have the willingness to assimilate what he has learned during the internship, the ability to integrate in the team and the environment and knowingly agrees to the activities he is required to perform
  • The working schedule allows the candidate to continue his education and get a part/full time or a project based job within the company, without affecting the quality of any of the two activities
  • Agreement between parties