Despre companie

OpenSIPS Solutions provides the know-how on VoIP/SIP for ITSP, mobile operators or voice carriers. As the company behind the OpenSIPS opens-source project, OpenSIPS Solutions delivers knowledge about OpenSIPS via services or platforms/solutions.

Bucharest, Romania
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Devops Engineer for VoIP Systems

Stagiu plătit la OpenSIPS Solutions

What we do

OpenSIPS Solutions develops, deploys and maintain various VoIP platforms based on the OpenSIPS open-source project. The complexity of such platforms may depends on the richness of the feature set, on the number of sub-systems involved in the platform or on the clustering model for Geo-distribution and redundancy.

A typical VoIP platform includes a large set of sub-systems like SIP Engines, Media Engines, SQL and noSQL Database clusters, Event Brokers, distributed file systems, High-Availability systems, REST APIs, WEB interfaces and many other.

What do we need you for

We are looking for Devops Engineers to join us in the area of Development & Prototyping, Deployment & Automation and Monitoring / Troubleshooting VoIP platforms.

The typical activities involved by these areas are:

  • Code Development – Python, PHP, Shell
  • Configuration & Integration of existing softwares like OpenSIPS, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Percona, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, GlusterFS, Nagios and others
  • Database Operations – setting up and operating with engines like MySQL, MongoDB, REDIS
  • Testing – use testing tools to build automated testing units for conformity and performance tests
  • Deployment – build automated deployment scripts for Ansible

What are we looking for

The minimal set of required skills is

  • good Linux and networking experience
  • knowledge of one cloud platform (AWS, Azure)
  • shell scripting
  • Python / PHP programing
  • Git usage
  • SQL/noSQL knowledge, MySQL experience
  • VoIP / SIP knowledge (optional)

Nevertheless, any other skills that might bring you closer to what we need, are a big advantage for you.

What are we teaching you

This internship will get you into the overlapping between the VoIP/SIP world and the operational area.
You will learn basic / medium level knowledge on how SIP works, how calls are routed and handled across IP infrastructure, how services are build on top of VoIP/SIP calls.

On the other hand, you will get familiar and get experience in working with a large set of software and technologies – and even more, you will acquire skills on how to integrate such software and technologies in order to build and operate large and complex VoIP platform.

You will be learning and transfer knowledge from a team with more than 10 years experience in the field, a team behind one of the most popular SIP server projects in the world.