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Piața Presei Libere, Bucharest, Romania
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Toate stagiile în Business Software Development

Do IT Girls! Hackathon

Stagiu neplătit la Microsoft Romania

To celebrate the Spring, Microsoft launches an invitation to all the girls passionate about IT: on 16th & 17th of March, join us at Do IT, Girls! Hackathon. A special format that combines a session of inspiring talks dedicated to the next generation of women in tech and a Hackathon where we can stand out! Do IT, Girls! Hackathon. Powered by Microsoft is a two-day event created exclusively for the tech girls who are keen on developing new skills and getting inspired by a cool adventure.

This edition is all about sharing your passion, while talking with all kinds of skilled people in the industry. Hang out with no. 1 most desired IT employer in Romania who use their imagination to create fun experiences only for you ladies. And to make it even more creative, you are encouraged to use any engine or programming languages and to explore the best idea.

Prepare yourself for almost 20 hours of coding session there is out there – Do IT Girls! Hackathon.

Join this legendary edition at the Microsoft Headquarters and bring the best squad with you.

NB: Do note that you can bring your team or just subscribe individually and find out during the event who you will be paired with.