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Hi there, We are Levi9 and we are a Dutch IT service provider with an amazing team of 900+ people. In Iasi we are over 130+ levininers focused on offering tailor made…

Șoseaua Națională 31, Iași, Romania
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Front End Developer Intern

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Levi9 Internship

At Levi9 we work in a dynamic and challenging environment with talented and forward-thinking people who are part of creative and innovative teams. We are looking for passionate interns to share our knowledge and experience within the Levi9 Internship.

If you have the will, let’s train the skill!
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Front End Developer Intern

As an intern, you will be part of a scrum team and you will have the opportunity to work through all the stages of a project life cycle in an agile way, develop yourself as a great team-player and finally sustain a presentation of the results. As a Front end Developer Intern you will be working side by side with some of the other Front end engineers here at Levi9 and discover how to build modern and responsive web applications. You will be using technologies like ReactJs or Angular 7 along with all the cool new tools and best practices in the industry.