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Solving big problems through open innovation. INSOFTDEV is Technology startup providing intelligent solutions for Transportation, Tourism and convergent industries . We promote a very positive environment culture which makes the day  of…

Strada Ciurchi, Iași, România
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Front-end Developer Internship/Junior

Stagiu plătit la INSOFTDEV

INSOFTDEV is an Iasi based  Technology startup providing intelligent solutions for Transportation, Tourism and convergent industries.
We’re proud to make a difference in this industry crowded by big corporations.

We are looking for outstanding candidates to join our Software Development Engineer internship/Junior program.
The program is flexible in length to fit in with your university’s program.

Join our Internship in Web Development to discover and learn more about:
– Javascript – OOP, MVC, Web API, JSON, Angular
– SQL and database fundamentals
– Everything about GIS.

If you’ll be qualified for junior position, we’ll be happy to welcome our team from first day.


  • Passionate about Web applications development?
  • Are you are familiar with web application development & technologies: Javascript, HTML, JSON, PHP, web services, MySQL DB?


We can help you to:

  • Enhance your knowledge and skills, setting solid foundations for a professional development in the IT Area of Integrated Transportation industry.
  • with a relaxed atmosphere ad a dynamic environment where you can develop your skills;
  • and a job opportunity right after the internship period;