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We believe that technology changes the world and people change technology. So, we are willing to meet young and unique programmers to support this belief. Essential facts about eSolutions * 18 years…

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Full Stack Java Development

Stagiu plătit la SC Esolutions GRUP S.R.L.

We know how it is to graduate and to ask yourself “what’s next?”.
We still remember those mixed feelings: courage to implement what you have learned at university, a little fear not to fail, excitement to become a part of a team, curiosity to explore new horizons, willing to be mentored and to start doing a real job, and an unlimited desire to contribute with a fresh view on ongoing projects.

The magic about our internship is that we will go TOGETHER in this journey 😊

You come with

  • basic knowledge of Java, SQL, JavaScript, HTML or CSS and huge desire to grow up.

We come with:

  • one month of training and hands-on sessions on Java, Spring Framework, SQL and Front-End development
  • one month of practical development of Java Web app with mentoring and real-time feedback sessions
  • a job offer at the end of your internship
  • and a lot of fun

Apply now and let’s find together the answer to your “what’s next?”.

eSolutions team

During the years we focused on best-fit solutions for our clients and code quality. We have continuously developed new skills and we're keeping up with the latest technologies. We are strong believers in OPEN Source projects and we support the growth of this community through our actions.