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About Ixia: Ixia, now part of Keysight Technologies, provides testing, visibility, and security solutions to strengthen networks and cloud environments for enterprises, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers. Ixia offers companies trusted…

Strada Știrbei Vodă nr.26-28, Bucharest, Romania
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Improving systems code performance using C/C++ just-in-time compilation

Stagiu plătit la IXIA ROMANIA

Ixia products provide comprehensive solutions for testing network infrastructures. These include high-speed (up to hundreds of Gbps) Ethernet setups, including routing/switching protocols and transport and application-level protocols, often imposing real-time requirements on the code that generates and processes data. Normally, enforcing such constraints involves writing special-purpose (e.g. architecture-specific) code; however, we observe that many optimizations (e.g. branch elimination and loop unrolling) can be applied automatically to existing code using compiler techniques.

This internship project proposes using state of the art technologies such as LLVM [1,2], along with C/C++ just-in-time (JIT) compilation frameworks, e.g. Cling [3], NativeJIT [4], Easy::jit [5], to optimize code based on run-time input and application configuration data. We will look mainly into identifying use cases which would benefit from JIT techniques performance-wise, and applying these methods to existing system-level (OS, VM) applications, with minimal code modifications.

What’s in it for you?

After 3 months with our team and mentors you will:

  • know how to deal with real-life technological challenges
  • gain technical skills
  • apply what you learn in challenging self-contained projects with visibility in the market
  • gain new soft skills, especially teamwork, communication and presentations skills
  • part of a Vibrant, Flexible, Friendly & Fun place (Summer, Christmas and team events)
  • access Hi-tech & best in class facilities
  • access our benefits: flexible schedule, sports & recreational facilities, medical subscription, daily fruits and lots of coffee
  • increase your income 😊

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