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AMIQ Consulting is specialized in hardware design and verification services for Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation And Automotive industries. For more details see here. To meet the demands of a rigorous technical environment…

43-45 General H. M. Berthelot St, Bucharest, Romania
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Alte stagii în Software technologies in Automatic Control, Industrial And Systems Engineering
Toate stagiile în Software technologies in Automatic Control, Industrial And Systems Engineering

Jr. Digital Circuits Verification Engineer

Stagiu plătit la AMIQ


  • Start your career in a business that makes the new and cool technology that’s helping shape the world we live in today
  • Use your knowledge of Digital Circuits to ensure the technology you verify contributes to progress in the world
  • Solve new challenges every day using your experience of Object Oriented Programming
  • Use your analytical and critical thinking to shape ideas and designs
  • Expand your horizons and experience by working in a multicultural environment with companies from Europe, USA and Israel
  • Work with some of the best engineers in the field who share your interest and passion for programming, automation, scripting, etc.
  • Join the community of digital circuit verification engineers with the support of highly skilled trainers


Technologies involved: SystemVerilog, C/C++, Verilog, Digital Circuits Design, Linux


  • Attractive salary
  • Learn new technologies and how to approach real-life projects
  • Exposure to a working environment forged by multicultural interactions
  • Medical insurance, lunch, company events

This post provides a technical overview of the job requirements for Pre-silicon Digital Functional Verification Engineer (FVE) positions. This post is complemented by a more in-depth post on the soft skills, joys and challenges of FVEs.

A verification engineer builds verification environments used to hunt for hardware design flaws and prove a product will operate as expected. But what does that really mean? Do you have the skills to do this job? And should someone even consider doing it? This post is a follow-up to Stefan’s job description of a verification engineer and tries to answer these and a few other questions from an engineer’s point of view.