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Centero is a provider of wireless technologies, products and services for Internet of Things connectivity. Our offering includes end-to-end, standards-based communication platforms that can be swiftly integrated into novel or existing products…

Bucharest, Romania
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Junior Embedded Software Engineer

Stagiu plătit la Centero


  • Hands-on engineering work in design, development, and test of embedded software code.
  • Working with firmware architectural specifications and supporting documents.
  • Evaluate and propose alternatives for microprocessor and related components.
  • Schematic review to ensure hardware is capable of supporting firmware functional requirements.
  • Participation in system integration.


  • Hands-on experience in developing code for embedded systems, would be valued.
  • Good knowledge of C/C++ in embedded platforms.
  • Reasonable knowledge with embedded development environments (e.g. GCC, IAR)
  • Knowledge about various microprocessors and low power management.
  • Understanding of major bus protocol (e.g. USB, I2C, SPI).
  • Understanding of at least one wireless protocol is a plus.
  • Ability to understand schematics and work with hardware engineers to insure proper system design and function.
  • Good communication skills in written English and be comfortable with technical documentation writing