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Eau de Web dezvoltă software pentru web. A fost înființată în 2006, dar o mare parte a echipei lucrează împreună încă din 1999. Firma lucrează direct cu Comisia Europeană și Națiunile Unite,…

Strada Maior Gheorghe Șonțu 8, București, Romania
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Junior Frontend Developer

Stagiu plătit la Eau de Web

We are looking for a Frontend Developer, with experience in CSS and/or JavaScript, able to work with, or learn Vue, React, Angular or similar frameworks.

Using open-source technologies we build web applications for international clients. We use Linux, Git, Python, PHP, Drupal, Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.

Knowledge about frameworks and plugins will be considered a plus, but we are mostly interested in the ability to develop from scratch. The frontend solution is managed through Grunt, and CSS is put together using LESS or SASS.

We make code review and use continuous integration in our projects. We work Agile. No overtime.