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✌️ We are not your average video game and software testing company! ✌️ Whyttest is a place where we can grow together and have a lot of fun. Here you won’t find…

Str. Siret nr. 95, Cyrom Center, Corp C2, et. 1, Sector 1, Bucuresti.
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Junior Videogame Tester

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🙌 Our ideal Bug Detective profile 🙌

Your focus is quality and have an eye for details? Then you can become a bug detective and save the day. 💪

Playing solo can be fun, but at Whyttest we do everything as a team. So, if you are a good team player, you are more than welcome to join our ranks.

Here every member of the team matters, so if you are a person with good ideas, who likes to act upon them, you will be a great fit with our culture.

We also appreciate the desire to learn and you will have plenty opportunities to level up within our squad.

Patience is one of a tester’s greatest virtues, because it takes time and perseverance to find all the pesky bugs that can ruin a player’s experience.

Also, your passion for gaming is a plus, especially if you are one of those gamers that likes to try different consoles and is hyped by new technologies.

Good written & verbal communication level, because it doesn’t matter if we find the best bugs, if we cannot clearly explain them to our colleagues and the development team.

Good English: written and verbal communication skills are the key to a “good game”.

👌 Quests: 👌

Find and investigate issues in the tested games / products.

  • Check if the tested games meet the quality requirements designed by the development teams and expected by the end user.

  • Report errors in a specified database in a clear and concise manner, using the appropriate procedures and terminology.

Create documents and test cases for own and team use to keep track of the application’s test coverage.

  • Responsible with specific tests – for example: Functionality, Compliance, Exploratory, Usability, Sanity and Regression Testing.

🙌 Goodies 🙌

Any good challenge has its fruitful rewards:

  • Meal tickets, tea & coffee

  • Relaxation room with Ping-Pong table, board games and consoles – gamers gonna game anytime and anywhere so why not give them more choices?

  • Individual Training Budget

  • Frequent development opportunities (for example: Software Testing, Management, Technical positions, Customer Support etc)

Annual bonuses (10% of the company’s revenue) given based on one’s achievements!

  • Team building events (Happy Fridays, internal championships & others)