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AQUASoft is delivering for over 16 years important projects for worldwide clients. We have built and expanded our powerful and beautiful team of software engineers, developers and highly skilled professionals to provide…

Strada Ciprian Porumbescu, București, Romania
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Linux / DevOps on Cloud

Stagiu plătit la AQUASoft

Learn about DevOps, implementing, deploying and administering servers, large infrastructure, cloud services, linux.

  • Ability to learn quickly.
  • Very good knowledge of operating systems (preferably power-user or administrative level).
  • Scripting skills.
  • Basic cloud services knowledge.

Your energy, enthusiasm and passion will be highly appreciated and properly compensated. Also, by the end of the internship period, you will be granted with a full-time position job offer.

You will get hands-on experience with:
– Administering & scripting with linux (AIX)
– Continuous Integration & Delivery
– Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure)
– Top-notch technologies, including but not limited to Kubernetes, CHEF, Puppet, Ansible.
– Learn about cloud architecture, integration & implementations.
– Learn about industry best practices, patterns, automation and integration for cloud.