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Sparktech Software is a product development consulting company focused on designing and developing scalable high-performance web & mobile apps. We’re all passionate about technology, it’s one of the things that connects us.…

Strada Vulturilor nr. 98A, sector 3, Bucuresti, Romania
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Machine Learning Engineer

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Fierce data-bass players wanted in our band


  • Assess, analyze and propose optimal approach to solve specific problems, by leveraging different algorithms and machine learning solutions;
  • Work with a broad range of machine learning techniques, from supervised (SVM, Neural Networks, Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, etc.) to unsupervised learning (Clustering, Topic Modeling, etc.);
  • Adapt standard machine learning methods to best exploit modern parallel environments;
  • Apply computational algorithms and statistical methods to unstructured data;
  • Code deliverables in sync with the development team;
  • Combine analytic methods with advanced data visualizations;
  • Write clean, well ­engineered, maintainable code that conforms with accepted standards;
  • Participate in the iteration planning and team standup meetings;
  • Work with talented and determined engineers and architects to shape the future of machine learning solutions;
  • Discover continuous learning opportunities in your everyday activity.


We are looking for assertive, energetic and creative people to join our team. Passion is the difference between having a job and having a career. Choose your path!

We think it’s essential to have a continuous drive for self-improvement and self-motivation. Instead of opposing change, we count on you reshaping your mindset to accommodate the new in your daily craft. Your initiative and accountability will open doors much faster and we trust you’ll do your best in being productive and efficient.
Your positive and team­ oriented attitude will support you in working well with your colleagues. Good communication skills will help you create stronger connections.

Whatever the (technical) problem, utilize your skills to be part of the solution.
The difference between something good and something great will be your extreme attention to detail and the consistency of your work. Apart from the support of your dedicated mentor, independent research will unlock more of your creativity to encourage you to reach your potential. Your passion for machine learning will fuel your inspiration to come up with original ideas on how to get things done. All these will make a major impact on your results.

To complete the ideal candidate profile, you need to have:

  • In-depth algorithms and data structures knowledge;
  • Final year in BS/MS in Computer Science represents a plus;
  • Experience with Python; additional experience with one of the following languages: Scala, Java is considered a plus;
  • Experience with any natural language processing toolkits: Wordnet, Stanford NLP, Open NLP, Mallet, Mahout, NLTK, etc. is a plus;
  • Any experience in image processing/computer vision is considered a plus;
  • Having contributions to an open source project represents an advantage;
  • Interest in machine-learning applications and willingness to be very hands-on to develop new applications and algorithms;
  • Experience with Agile methodologies is a plus;
  • Good English skills (written


  • We provide meaningful and engaging work and support free exchange of ideas. From the first day on the job, all interns will be involved in a training phase where they will be encouraged to expand their knowledge. This includes getting familiar with the Agile working environment, with a focus on assimilating as much know-how as possible. Following the training, all interns will take part in the development process inside a team and with the support of a dedicated mentor. All assignments will add value both to our company and to your development as a professional in the field.
  • You will work alongside talented and determined engineers and designers to shape the future of web and mobile solutions.
  • You will be working on a project from scratch.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to consult with your dedicated mentor upon matters you can’t fully research on your own.
  • It’s the proper environment to discover continuous learning opportunities in your everyday activity.
  • You’ll have the chance to add your own voice, your particular mix of flavors to our dynamic and innovative team.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to connect with passionate people in our open and friendly environment.
  • If you give your best and reach great results, we offer the possibility to continue working with us.