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Fullscreen Digital is a software development company on a road of fast growth and expansion. Our flagship product is a revolutionary range of products called Footprints – a platform that combines big…

Strada Știrbei Vodă 114-116, București, Romania
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Node.JS Developer

Stagiu plătit la Fullscreen Digital

Become an active part in the Fullscreen Digital development team. Gain knowledge from our experienced developers, while contributing hands-on to our projects, starting from the architecture, view and vision over the full product and platform and ending with development.

We are looking for students with the following skills:

  • Experience in node.js application development in PM2 process management environments, with the Express framework;
  • Knowledge of application design principles – designing, implementing and using RESTful Web Services with Service-Oriented Architecture;
  • Optional – knowledge of working with micro-service architectures, in Amazon, Google or self hosted environments concepts and environments like Docker and Kubernetes;
  • Optional – knowledge of CI/CD principles – pipelines, tools (Jenkins, TeamCity), deployment, integration, monitoring and logging.
FOOTPRINTS - Use Case Coresi

We are all about technology improving the physical world to craft new customer experiences.

360° Office View

We help brick & mortar retailers to optimize their business with our proprietary SaaS solutions that include unique capabilities to analyse shoppers’ path to purchase and to connect with them in order to increase frequency of visits & their lifetime value.