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Envisage.AI is an end-to-end solution for visual machine learning workloads, including real-time surveillance, live proof of identity and face recognition, motion detection and object tracking. Our work is centred around DeepVISS (…

Grand Café Van Gogh, Strada Smârdan, Bucharest, Romania
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Padawan & Sidekick-to-the-CEO

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Making a startup work is not only about having the genius idea or about expressing the disruptive vision. Actually, it is more like bootstrapping intelligent life: figuring out what the environment wants and how to deliver it reliable, competitively and at minimal cost, find internal ways of manufacturing and assembling intermediary components. It’s a trade-off between fast adaptation and reliable process.

Startup life has as many things in common with the TV Series “Silicon Valley”. But sometime it feels more like Ragnar finding the map in “The Vikings”. Other days teach you that thinking too far outside the box can get you in trouble, like in “Billions” or in “Ozark”. Seas are not always smooth, so managing opportunities of partnership and competition can feel like a mix of “Peaky Blinders” and “Game of Thrones”.

Do not apply for this internship if you just want to tick a box and make a quick buck.

DO APPLY if you:

  • want to learn how to learn running a business
  • you speak English fluently
  • are not afraid to get your hands dirty with command line, code and technical details
  • you are not too shy to be on the phone with a customer
  • you think innovation is more like an adventure and less like then plan of a corporation
  • think that human & artificial intelligence should belong to the world