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The world leading innovator in embedded imaging

AFI Park 5, Bulevardul Timișoara 4A, Bucharest, Romania
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QA Engineer, Machine Learning

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You will be working with our engineering teams in order to help bring our technologies to life. The stuff that will make it in the phones, appliances or cars of tomorrow is what you will get your hands dirty with today. You will help us evaluate the performance of everything from driving monitoring, gaze tracking, attentiveness, 3D face recognition to emotion detection. Think about benchmarking, tech reviews or comparisons between two competing technologies. This is the sort of work we carry out on a daily basis as part of our QA activities. Also If you’re comfortable with software development, we could really use a hand with unit testing, as well as with the development of our continuous integration framework.

Our engineers are very knowledgeable, so, as part of our internship you will attend training courses in our four favorite areas – photography, machine learning, programming, and image processing.

We are looking for people passionate about technology that have a sweet spot for evaluating quality and performance. You should enjoy developing measurement procedures as well as running and documenting tests in a systematic fashion. We do not ask for previous experience with evaluating algorithms, but we do expect you to be very quick in learning such things. If you think about yourself as being an organized guy or gal and you enjoy spending time playing around with laboratory tools, you are precisely the person we are looking for.