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The world leading innovator in embedded imaging

AFI Park 5, Bulevardul Timișoara 4A, Bucharest, Romania
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Toate stagiile în Embedded & Internet of Things

R&D Engineer, Machine Learning

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You will be part of our R&D teams, developing neural technologies for imaging. Our passionate engineers are responsible for building the brain behind digital eyes, making sense of the world the camera sees. Our technologies such as face detection, classification, 3D modelling and recognition or portrait relighting are present in one of every four mobile phones sold worldwide.

Your responsibility inside the team will be to develop proof of concept technologies and demos, by integrating and experimenting with state of the art machine learning algorithms. You’ll finally understand why everything today seems to revolve around stuff like convolutional neural networks, deep learning or generative adversarial networks. Technically, you’ll become the new genius in town!

Our folks are very knowledgeable, so, as part of our internship you will attend training courses in our four favorite areas – photography, machine learning, programming, and image processing

Knowledge of machine learning such as convolutional neural networks, strong mathematical background or information theory are things that we are looking for. Ideally you should also have a solid understanding of Computer Science fundamentals (things like data structures, algorithm design, memory organization, complexity analysis) and good software design and coding skills. This can be in any programming language, as long as it’s C/C++ (you know that nothing else matters, right?).

If you’re really smart and willing to do cool things, you are definitely the person we’re looking for.