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About Ixia: Ixia, now part of Keysight Technologies, provides testing, visibility, and security solutions to strengthen networks and cloud environments for enterprises, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers. Ixia offers companies trusted…

Strada Știrbei Vodă nr.26-28, Bucharest, Romania
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Regression Bot

Stagiu plătit la IXIA ROMANIA
Aptitudini necesare:

Phase 1: Have a bot that will prepare regression setup

  • Interact using slack with the Bot
  • Be able to trigger the below commands to IxOS:
    —- install ixos version
    —- check ixServer is up
    —- check ports are up
    —- switch mode (if needed)
    —- check everything is up
    —- be able to revert to previous IxOS in case the above is not met
  • Be able to trigger the below commands to IxN/IxL/BPS:
    —- install ixN/IxL on specific appserver or BPS on chassis
    —- check installation succeeded
    —- start regression island ABC
    Phase 2: Run set of tests based on tags
  • Having CLs tagged with specific words
  • The bot can connect to P4, get the tags and perform all steps from Phase 1
  • Having test cases with tags, the bot can select based on tags the tests to be used
    Phase 3: Background tasks
  • Disk Space management:
    —- Check available space on listed PCs (AppServers or chassis)
    —- Analyze the disk space usage
    —- Send the results to regression owner
    —- Act based on regression owner’s feedback
  • Ixia SW version management:
    —- Determine versions that are not used
    —- Uninstall old versions
  • From a given range of IPs determine machines/chassis with low usage

What’s in it for you?

After 3 months with our team and mentors you will:

  • know how to deal with real-life technological challenges
  • gain technical skills
  • apply what you learn in challenging self-contained projects with visibility in the market
  • gain new soft skills, especially teamwork, communication and presentations skills
  • part of a Vibrant, Flexible, Friendly & Fun place (Summer, Christmas and team events)
  • access Hi-tech & best in class facilities
  • access our benefits: flexible schedule, sports & recreational facilities, medical subscription, daily fruits and lots of coffee
  • increase your income 😊

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