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The world leading innovator in embedded imaging

AFI Park 5, Bulevardul Timișoara 4A, Bucharest, Romania
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Toate stagiile în Artificial Intelligence

Software Developer, Machine Learning and Embedded Imaging

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You will work as part of our R&D team to understand their latest wild idea and help make it come true. Typically, this means making a heavy machine learning technology work in a battery powered device such as mobile phone, action camera, drone or any other system that runs on battery. Most of these devices in the market today feature our technologies. So if you decide to join us, the next flagship phone might actually run some of your code.

Additionally, our algorithms require specialized tools for data generation and management. Such infrastructure enables us to easily prototype, develop and quickly launch our products into the market. This is more of a high level development work, that has to do with web and application development. So if you are passionate about this field, we might just have the perfect project for you.

Our engineers are very knowledgeable, so, as part of our internship you will attend training courses in our four favorite areas – photography, machine learning, programming, and image processing

Should you be interested in lower level development, you should have a solid understanding of Computer Science fundamentals (things like data structures, algorithm design, memory organization, complexity analysis). Needless to say, software design and coding skills are a must. This can be in any programming language, as long as it’s C/C++ (you know that nothing else matters, right?). Also, considering how embedded devices are very fussy in terms of performance, you should have the desire to always make things work faster and faster.

On the other hand, if your interest is more towards higher level software development, then words like OOP, Java, Angular, streams or bootstrap should sound reassuringly comfortable to you.

If you think that you are up to the challenge, please come over for a cup of coffee to meet other talented people like yourself and decide if you wish to be part of our team for the summer.