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Mainframe Developers / Remote Internship
Unpaid internship at AQUASoft · Starts after academic term
  • – Software technologies in Automatic Control, Industrial And Systems Engineering
  • room București

Hello, Sys Programmers!

This one is for the real passionate of you. The catch and the opportunity is to go further into deep system programming on a legendart platform which continues to make history in the modern days.

Therefore, if you are comfortable working with international teams on a remote setup, you know assembler language programming, and want to expand on mainframe zOS assembler, be part of a cool team and step out of the crowd, AQUASoft Mainframe Assembler Internship is one of the places for you!

This internship is a great challenge. We will offer you a crash-course in the world of mainframe technologies and most important, you will gain experience with IBM zOS, the enterprise platform for mission-critical applications. Motivation matters!

Today will never be like tomorrow with us. At the beginning, some of your daily tasks may include submitting JCL jobs, reading/editing/copying certain datasets, or composing and running scripting and various commands.

If everything will go well, as we undoubtedly expect, you will be granted a full-time position job at the end of this assignment!

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