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React Native Mobile Developer
Paid internship at Deepstash · Starts after academic term
  • – Mobile
  • room București
Required skills:

android ios javascript mobile applications frontend

So you're just chilling at uni and you're thinking one day: "so what's next? I want to achieve amazing stuff. What the heck should I focus on?"

When "they" ask you what language you want to be good at, you don't simply say what you prefer. You tell them you pick based on what you're focusing on:

Web frontend: javascript Mobile apps: javascript Backend: javascript AI: wait .. javascript

What's this about?

  • It's you + javascript + mobile and leaving your mark on the next amazing product that your classmates will read about in Techcrunch and also use at their job.
  • It's not about doing 6 hours of debugging just so you can save 5 minutes of reading the documentation because specs are boring and long and you're dying building a meh product.
  • We really believe Deepstash is the right place for you. We're an award winning (2020 Startup of the Year + Featured in both Play and Apple Stores) company and product that could've only succeeded and continue to do it, with an amazing team.
  • Deepstash is used by 2 million people from all over the world. From students, to product managers, doctors or entrepreneurs. Your work will have a great impact and it will matter.
  • Deepstash is about a startup environment. We communicate a lot, we laugh, play football, discuss philosophy in team buildings and laugh our ass off on bike trips.
  • When at work, we own our missions and make sure we complete them, because others are counting on us. We won't get to where we need to go, unless we're all working as a great team.
  • We think we're a very cool place to work and develop yourself into an amazing human first, but also leave your mark on a great product. Learn a lot, mingle with the founders, bring your own ideas and grow to become who your dog thinks you are.

We are a small team so:

  • Passion for the problem is our fuel. Every day is a struggle, but we keep an eye on the prize. We are passionate about helping people learn and improve themselves and that’s what keeps us going.
  • We find a way or make a way. We have problems to solve and making up excuses doesn’t help us.
  • We thrive in uncertainty, as we have more questions than answers. Not problems, but opportunities to learn new things.

Let's move on to the practical stuff:

  • You will work with React-Native.
  • Experience with mobile development (native or hybrid). We are a React shop but we appreciate developers coming from the native world.
  • Design and develop large scale applications.
  • Keep code easy to maintain and make it easy for others to contribute.
  • Take initiative in improving the software to address pain points in your own experience as a developer.
  • Support and collaborate with our dev team in getting to the bottom of issues and come up with robust solutions.
  • Always think about improving performance, best practices, etc.
  • Good understanding and experience of basic web building blocks HTML, JS, etc.
  • Appreciation for great mobile interactions. Experience in interacting with design teams who use apps like Sketch, Adobe XD or Figma.

Perks & benefits

  • You can make your own schedule. We just care about getting stuff done.
  • Remote first: we don’t care when and where you work from.
  • We pay well, and we notice you if you have the "zvâc".
  • Stock options package.

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