ENS Ecole normale supérieur este una din cele mai renumite universitati din Franta.

Testing and formal methods
Paid internship at ENS Ecole normale supérieur France · Starts after academic term
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The internship is located in Paris at École Normale Supérieure.

The goal of the internship is testing of distributed algorithms. The goal of the internship is to study benchmarks like Zab, apache zookeeper atomic broadcast and Cassandra and to instrument their consensus core for testing. As testing tools we consider Jepsen, PCT (developed at MPI SWS) and P# (developed at Microsoft research)

Zab and Cassandra ensure strong consistency. Strong consistency means that some state machine, or application, is stored not only on one server but on multiple servers. A client of the application/state machine can interact with any of the replicas and see consistent replies. Replicas coordinate over a faulty network that can lose and delay messages arbitrarily.

Testing these benchmarks is very difficult. Jepsen is the state of the art however it cannot capture always bugs. More fine grained techniques are based on PCT and P#.

The internship is paid ~1000 euros a month. The supervisor is Cezara Dragoi from the team Antique. The candidate should be fluent English. The candidate will integrate an ongoing project with MPI-SWS Kaiserslautern Germany and TU Wien Austria. Meetings are held in English. French is always convinient but not mandatory.

The internship requires good programming skills. Prior knowledge on testing and distributed computed is appreciated but not mandatory.