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Add distributed service tracing in a highly elastic environment for applications that have high availability and resilience.
Paid internship at IXIA ROMANIA · 15/06/2020
  • – Networking
  • room București
Required skills:


This project is meant to improve the observability and debugability of products that target the Kubernetes platform.


We have a distributed application that's made up of a collection of microservices deployed in a Kubernetes cluster and accessed via a web UI. Each end-user interaction generates a request that ends up touching multiple services (ex: the targeted microservice itself, an auth service to validate permissions for the request, a db to retrieve data, etc.). To properly understand the path of a single request, we need to correlate logs from multiple services. In a distributed, elastic environment with multiple concurrent users, simply determining what logs to look at is a nontrivial problem.


Instrument services with code that assigns each external request a unique id and passes it to all services that are involved in handling the request. Include the external request-id in all log messages and records information (e.g., start time, end time) about the requests and operations performed when handling an external request in a centralized service.

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