Orange Services was created in 2013 and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Orange Romania. As a technology services company, our DNA is in IT, but our teams also work in other domains including mobile networks and a number of commercial and business functions. Orange Services is one of the largest technology hubs in the Orange Group, working internationally for both Orange corporate functions and country operations.

Through a unique combination of cutting edge know-how and expertise, our teams provide a broad range of services: development and supervision of IT services (in domains such as Big D...

Scala and Java Developer Intern [Malima project]
Paid internship at Orange Services · Starts after academic term
  • – Cloud computing
  • room București

If you are interested in working in a fast-paced environment, always experimenting with the latest tools and technologies, eager to learn BigData technolgies to drive the business forward, then this is the job for you!

We are currently looking for colleagues in our dev team to work on new project that uses Spark to extract the data from Cassandra, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Kafka and then to aggregate, manipulate and present it accordingly to business requirements. Based on various metrology strategies, we try to get an optimized solution for our Spark Jobs.

The project is a management and monitoring software for fleets of SIMs, with millions of records to track, follow and interrogate. One of the things we are currently working on is to create the best data model in Cassandra and to implement very optimized Spark Jobs for them. Another module will be to get alarms on different criteria or to implement REST APIs needed by other services.. But these are just a couple of examples!

If you want to know more, we invite you to our headquarters for a chat!

What we bring:

  • A relaxed and friendly environment in which you can grow
  • Trainings and conferences to better developer your skills
  • We encourage moving on to new technologies so you can keep up with the future of technology!
  • Agile environment in which we welcome changes and adapt to any situation
  • Self-organizing teams
  • Great benefits (too long to list actually!)

What you bring:

  • Passion for Java or Scala (or other functional language)
  • Eagerness to learn new technologies
  • Interest in Big Data technologies

What will you learn:

  • How to develop REST APIs that use Cassandra, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Kafka, RabbitMQ
  • Deploy Docker images on our internal K8s cluster
  • Java 8+

Thank you for applying!