Jumppi : Join fun group hangouts, for FREE

Meet new people, make friends or find dates while hanging out with your pals on the first app for organizing fun activities between groups of friends.

Meeting new people is a much more relaxing experience when you’ve got friends around. Jumppi takes the pressure off one-on-one dating by letting you invite your prospective online dates to fun activities with your friends and getting to know each other in a safe and relaxed environment.

programator ios la Jumppi
Unpaid internship at Pickapal · 20/06/2020
  • – Mobile
  • room București

Echipa Jumppi are nevoie de un nou partener, developer de ios. Jumppi este aplicatia de mobil pe care cunosti oameni noi facand activitatile care iti plac.

Ne cautam un partener, caruia ii vom oferi equity. Candidatul ideal este un programator excelent de ios, cu atentie la detaliu, reliable si serios.