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Internship Casino Web Client Development Team
Paid internship at Sparkware Technologies · 01/07/2020
  • room București

The internship we are proposing will give you the chance to develop your skills within a project framework targeting the following front-end development technologies, tools and trends:

  • HTML/CSS/SASS, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Webstorm, npm, Gulp, Webpack, GIT
  • Work with various APIs, such as Artifactory REST API, our own backend API, etc
  • Cross browser support, OOP, Unit Testing, automated testing with Cypress
  • Agile methodology, team work

Optionally, if time and your interest allows it, you have the chance to dive into C#/.Net based back-end technology.

The project you will be contributing to, is a collection of tools built around our new Casino client application. They facilitate the management of the client configuration, users, and other related services, and it will be beneficial for multiple teams in our company, having different needs in the interaction with our client application.

As a requirement, you should have some familiarity level with the JavaScript or TypeScript language, and the accompanying technologies, such as HTML and CSS. It would be useful to also have some knowledge in some of the other mentioned areas, but it is not essential. Most importantly, you will have to be eager to use the opportunity and learn, with our help, but also on your own - your benefit will be proportional to your level of engagement.

Depending on your initial technical level, availability and personal engagement, at the end of your internship period you will be able to work proficiently with a part of the technologies mentioned above, and also will have good and usable knowledge about the rest of the enumerated technologies.

A special accent will be put on JavaScript/TypeScript and UI (HTML/CSS), but also on cross browser support and on writing clean code. Practicing team work should also represent an important benefit for you, in addition to getting familiar with the agile methodology. Our best interest is that at the end of the internship period, your skills will make you fit for long term employment within in our company. Your availability to do so, is an essential condition for starting this process.