A VC-backed deeptech startup building a refined search engine for business data across all industries - an approach that's very similar to Google's, providing business data enrichment w/ unprecedented coverage of SMBs, accurate classification & in-depth insights based on real-time updates. We analyze hundreds of billions of URLs every month & apply several AI models to break them down into tens of usable data points associated with each company. Currently a team of 40+ driven individuals, we're investing our time to solve problems that haven’t been solved before anywhere in the world.

Deeptech Engineer
Paid internship at Veridion (formerly Soleadify) (700-1000 EUR) · Starts after academic term
  • – Artificial Intelligence
  • – Cloud computing
  • – Web
  • room București


This is your chance to experience exponential growth where exponential growth is the norm.

Join Veridion to:

  • ^^ work with some of the brightest minds in the industry
  • ^^ in a high performing, no BS, growth oriented culture
  • ^^ on challenges that haven't been solved before anywhere in the world
  • ^^ at the forefront of Big Data, Machine Learning & Infrastructure
  • ^^ adding your own input on core features
  • ^^ of a groundbreaking product that's already shaping the future
  • ^^ on your way to becoming an unstoppable force in the tech industry.

We promise you won't recognize yourself.

What to expect from your role

You will work your way through your first deployment within the first 30 days. Your tasks will vary, depending on the moment you join our team and the skills that bring the most value at first, while you ramp up and learn the rest.

You will balance Software Engineering concepts with Big Data and Machine Learning elements, depending on your know-how. And further specialize in one of those areas as you grow. To get a better understanding of the types of tasks that you will be working on once you join our team, here are some examples: bit.ly/ veridion-intern-challenges.

What it's really like to work with us

  • You’ll be treated as an adult, there are no toy-tasks or pretend projects associated with your work. And that’s a fact from day 1.
  • We don't settle for mediocre results and set our ambition up for the inevitable delayed gratification, as excellence requires significant time and effort.
  • We use the right tool for the job. No workarounds, no cutting corners. Breakthrough technology declutters our day to day and gives us the space to channel our efforts on what can’t be compensated for — the best use of our skills and abilities.
  • We make sure there's a fair exchange between what each of us offers and what we get in return.
  • We're life-long learners who can't stop, won't stop at what they already know, striving to be better and see each other grow.
  • Forget about micromanagement. Everyone here has a strong sense of ownership (we're like start-ups within a start-up).
  • We know from the get-go that excellence requires discomfort and it’s not going to get easier soon.

What we expect from you

  • High speed and uncompromising quality in your work.
  • A growth mindset, determination to capitalize on this unprecedented context through your skills and abilities.
  • You hold yourself accountable to deliver at your best and are ready to have your ideas challenged.
  • An appetite to grapple with a variety of technical challenges.
  • The drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques (sometimes as soon as they launch).
  • Strong problem solving skills and a high tolerance for ambiguity, marked by your ambition to push forward with incomplete information.
  • Resilience, especially in the face of failure, that is always paired with pioneering work.
  • Aversion to the idea of any customer or colleague struggling with what you delivered.
  • Awareness that real growth means sacrificing the immediate gain in favor of long-term rewards.
  • Great communication and collaboration skills.


  • The way we work is not for everyone. And that's perfectly fine. We need to be fast as a start-up, so we expect you to be quick on your feet when it comes to making decisions and excited to roll up your sleeves to help the team in any way you can.
  • We are available to start asap, there's no fixed start date on our side.
  • We need people who are zealous about revolutionary technology, highly collaborative work and raising the bar on our product as it is unfolding.
  • You'll be perfect for this role if you're not afraid to use every muscle and are comfortable taking on a lot of responsibility, leaving no stone unturned in your pursuit against the grain.

All the info you need in the extended job description here: bit.ly/ Veridion-DeeptechEngineer