How to apply

Early hands-on experience is vital to becoming a good engineer. That's why we have challenging internships and ambitious graduation programs. Students are part of the team and we encourage them to write code from day one. Most interns submit their code to a production branch on their first week.

Apply with your resume between March 1st and April 30th: https://www.hubgets.com/jobs

Find out more on how our internship program works: https://blog.4psa.com/tag/internship/

Internship JavaScript Software Engineer
Paid internship at 4PSA · Starts after academic term
  • – Cloud computing
  • – Mobile
  • – Web
  • room București
Required skills:

algorithms cloud computing css data structures html java javascript linux oop python user experience user interface

Want to bring your contribution to the only fully functional WebRTC over SIP stack in the world? If yes, we're ready to take you on our Frontend team🚀

As our intern, you'll be dealing with a lot of experimental and newborn technologies like WebRTC, and JavaScript will become your playground. We want you to be part of our milestones so that you gain hands-on experience on browser-based apps. It's both challenging and fun! Side by side with your mentors, you will handle everything that is executed on the client device. Just so you know, you'll focus on JavaScript/HTML5 because browser apps deliver the portability advantage in the Cloud. On mobile devices, you will deal with native code. You'll also get to work with HubFront, a JavaScript stack we built so that we could create complex browser apps.

When the Cool Internship is over, you may be one of the interns invited to join our team. If you are still a student, we'll customize your work schedule based on your timetable and help you with your graduation project.

Take this exciting internship opportunity, gain valuable work experience and have fun all summer long. We have plenty of perks waiting for you 😃

What You Will Have to Do

  • Understand the general architecture of the apps platform
  • Understand the concepts and requirements of browser based apps
  • Develop browser based apps
  • Write automated tests
  • Contribute to the building process, automation, and publishing tools
  • Contribute to the stack documentation by creating demos and code samples.

What You Must Know

  • Computer Science (or related technical field) student or fresh graduate
  • Good general coding skills
  • Knowledge of event based programming
  • Knowledge of OOP and OOD principles
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 or Java
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • High attention to details
  • UX concepts knowledge is considered a plus.


  • Over 20 benefits, from VIP medical insurance to shares and support programs
  • Major technical challenges in real-time communications, high performance service delivery, data analytics
  • Free meals and healthy snacks 😉
  • Easy access to our office. We even have a Hugmobil to make your commute as short as possible The recruiting process is tough (not long). You will take challenging tests while meeting your future colleagues. We guarantee full confidentiality of all applications.